It's not

only about Pixels

The quality of the LEDs used in large-scale screens is often more important than the distance between these LEDs (pixel spacing) and a key element if an excellent image quality is to be obtained. The use of LED/SMD is essential for these applications. These are high-quality, long-life LEDs and may be considered environmentally-friendly thanks to their long working life for example. When the correct technology is used, the image can be synchronised with the sound without drift.

& Quality

The image control is as important as the image quality, in particular when it comes to colour quality and consistence. WLAN controlled adjustment of the video screen in order to ensure constant adaptation to changes in surrounding light conditions has also been an integral part of our work for many years. To achieve this we require qualified technicians who know exactly what they are doing. It goes far beyond a simple question of pixels – just ask us!

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